Comic Books Are Not Nerdy

What is it about certain things that makes them so ‘nerdy’ that people grab their children’s hands and speed-walk them in the other direction? Why are certain things labeled as taboo?

Comic books. Oh my gosh! I said comic book!! In this day and age if you’re caught with a comic book, that’s the end of your social life. No one wants to hang out with a comic book nerd. Well, guess what? They’re awesome so get over it. That’s right. I said awesome. Some of the greatest stories are told in the pages of those forbidden books. Socially awkward, cardigan wearing, pocket protector equipped nerds have been made fun of for reading comics ever since comic books were a thing. Why is that? Why are we made fun of for reading a comic book but praised by our peers for saying, “Why so serious” at a party? That’s a Batman reference. You quote something from a Batman movie and its cool but you quote something from a Batman comic and people look at the floor and slowly inch away from you. Why?

If a story is good, then its good. Why does the general public choose to accept one format of storytelling but frown on another EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE TELLING THE SAME STORY? It honestly doesn’t make sense to me.

I’ve always sort of thought that people are made fun of to ‘keep them in line’ so to speak. Small minded people fear a thinking brain. Since small minds always outnumber large ones there’s a good chance the smart people will be shoved out of society. They become outcasts because they thought for themselves instead of keeping quiet about their thoughts so that they would fit in with the majority. People who read are (I think its safe to say) generally smarter (or at least WISH to be smarter) than the average person. Comic books are a form of reading. If you read, BOOM OUTCAST!! No one wants to feel stupid so having a smart person around is unacceptable. We can’t just let them run free. What if we learned something from them or something horrible happened like our pride got hurt because they show us something we didn’t know before. The horror.

Superheroes are becoming more and more main stream with each new Marvel or DC blockbuster they crank out and now that the sheep are being told that it is in fact cool to enjoy these awesome movies, now superheroes are okay. Not before. When they were just in comic books and on our underwear that was unacceptable. But now they’re in movies so everyone can join hands and sing kumbaya while you all untwist your mind’s panties and ‘fit in.’

I guess I’m just trying to start a conversation here. What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Comic Books Are Not Nerdy

  1. I wasn’t into comics so much growing up as I was in to manga. I always had a manga with me throughout most of middle school and high school. It officially made me that weird girl in the corner reading backwards comics. It was their loss because the stories were awesome!

    Though I’ve never read super hero comics, I do like the heroes. My first exposure was in the X-Men Evolution and Justice League cartoons. Ever since seeing those, I’ve wanted to read the comics and know the canon story. When I actually look at comic book stores, though, I find I’m drawn to different stories, like Ms. Marvel.

    I don’t know if that answers your questions or not. I’ll just end with this: I think all comic book nerds are awesome. You can have the best kind of discussions with them.

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